Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For the Love of Diapers?

I never would have thought before I had a baby, that diapers would be something I'd enjoy. I also never thought that I'd be interested in cloth diapers. Well, never say never. I have become a cloth diaper addict! I actually LOVE shopping for diapers, changing diapers, and even washing diapers. It is almost like another hobby. This may seem strange, but many cloth diapering mamas come to have this dilema. We start off cloth diapering because it is cheaper, but it is really hard to resist the new cute diapers even when we already have enough. I can't believe I think something made for pooping in is cute.

Last night, I got a new piece of plexiglass for my little photography studio. So, I decided to use my diapers to practice. (Cloth diaper moms are also crazy enough to take pictures of diapers!) My usual model was napping and the diapers are easier to photograph since they stay in one place!

Here is my artistic take on our cloth diapers.





Becky said...

Wow, I never would have expected to have my sister get so excited about diapers!

Trina said...

really cute pics...what kind of diapers do you use?

Carrie said...

Trina- Thanks, I use a lot of everything. Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, Bluberry/swaddlebees, haute pockets, happy heiny, and even some prefolds and covers.

My favorites have changed over the year, but right now I still love my fuzzibunz. I'm trying really hard to resist buying some more since we need to potty train soon.